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Care Management

Care Management for all aspects of life.

SAGE’s Care Management team offers LGBTQ+ older people and caregivers access to LGBTQ+-affirming supports and programs across New York City. Check out our care management programs page for details on our programs for LGBTQ+ Veterans, people living with HIV/AIDS, caregiving and more.

Who Is Eligible to Receive Assistance?

SAGE provides holistic coordinated care to LGBTQ+ older people and the people who support them. If you are an LGBTQ+ person age 60 or over (50 or over for those living with HIV/AIDS), SAGE can help you. If you are a friend, family member or partner—even if you are not LGBTQ+ or over 60—who has been caring for an LGBTQ+ older person, SAGE can help you as well.

How Do I Get Help from SAGE?

SAGE’s Care Management team are located at our various SAGE Centers and national headquarters at 305 7th Avenue, NYC. SAGE Care Managers are available by appointment Monday through Friday. Please call 212-741-2247 to make an appointment.

Ongoing Services

Support Groups

Professional Opportunities

Are you a case worker, aging services provider, or social work professor or administrator who is interested in learning more about how to serve LGBTQ+ older adults? SAGE Social Services offers training and technical assistance to LGBTQ+ and aging organizations throughout the New York City area, as well as training for interns at social work programs in area colleges and universities.

For more information on training or internship opportunities, please contact us at 212-741-2247.

Find out about becoming a volunteer ambassador through the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging. For cultural competency training in your community, visit SAGECare.

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